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IMPORTANT: Farmingdale State College Foundation scholarships require students to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which will be verified by the Financial Aid office. All scholarship recipients must remain in good academic standing with Farmingdale State College.

*References are no longer required on the General Application. Individual apply-to scholarship opportunities, however, may require references which you can attach directly to that individual application.

*Farmingdale College Foundation scholarships are awarded annually to eligible students to be used for qualified educational expenses. Those students who are already receiving full scholarship/grant funding are not eligible.

  • Automatch Scholarships: Once you complete your General Application, you will be matched with scholarships for which you immediately qualify – no further action is required. All students who qualify will be automatched to these opportunities. Qualifying does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship. To see a list of scholarships that may need additional action on your part to receive consideration, select “Recommended” under “Opportunities.”
  • Browsing “All” Scholarships: Below is a list of all scholarship opportunities. This list shows all scholarships, not scholarships for which you are receiving consideration. Automatch scholarships will appear with “None” listed under the “Action” column – this means an additional application is not required for consideration. The “Deadline” column indicates the deadline to complete the application to receive consideration. This is not the deadline to accept the award.
  • Award Amount: The number and award amount of scholarships are for general information purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee of what you will receive if selected. Actual award amounts vary based on students’ individual eligibility, funds available, and other factors.
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